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Work Alone

The Work Alone program is designed to create a safer environment for U of T students, staff and faculty who are working alone in isolated areas on the campus and for individuals with ongoing personal safety concerns.

How does it work?

Step 1 - Download the U of T Campus Safety App from the Apple Store of Google Play.

Step 2 - Initiate a Work Alone Session

Step 3 - Check in on your scheduled check in times. If you do not, Campus Safety Communications will call you and/or have Special Constables attend your location.

How do I sign up if I do not have a mobile device?

Register by calling Campus Safety Communications at 416-978-2323 or by visiting us at 21 Sussex Ave, 1st Floor. Please be prepared to provide the following details;

  • Where you are working;

  • How long you will be there; and

  • The phone number you would like to receive your check-ins.

A safety assessment can also be performed on your work space to help determine and mitigate safety risks.

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