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Bike Safety & Awareness

Did You Know?

In 2021, 3,189 bicycle thefts were reported in Toronto. 515 bicycle thefts were reported to Toronto Police, 52 Division, where most of the St. George campus is located.

You can greatly reduce the likelihood of falling victim to the bicycle blues by following the strategies below.

Two Man Bicycle Store

Protect Yourself

  • Wear a properly fitted helmet. A helmet can’t be 100% guaranteed to save your life, but it’s always going to give you better odds than no helmet.

  • Be seen. Wear reflective or bright coloured clothing especially in the early morning, late at night or on cloudy days.

  • Be alert.  It is recommended to not wear headphones or earpieces when cycling.  Give the road your full attention to help prevent possible accidents/injuries.  

  • Use front and rear lights.

  • Check your tires. 

  • Protect yourself from the sun.

Two Man Bicycle Store

Protect your Bike

  • Lock your bicycle in a high traffic, well lit area.

  • Use a good quality locking device such as a hardened steel “U” shaped lock, or a hardened steel chain and padlock.

  • Lock your bicycle and both wheels to an immovable object which cannot be easily cut or broken.

  • Register your bicycle with police.

  • Record your serial number and a picture of your bicycle for your records.

  • Take all detachable accessories with you.

  • Always report a stolen bicycle or part even if your bicycle wasn’t registered so police can take action.

  • Don’t support the market for stolen bicycles. Only buy a secondhand bicycle from someone you trust. If you are not sure whether a bicycle has been stolen, ask questions or call the police.

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