Special Constable Recruitment Process

Thank you for your interest in a position with the University of Toronto Campus Safety as a Special Constable!

The recruitment process for Special Constable is outlined below to give you an idea of what you can expect after your application is submitted and accepted.

To check current opportunities, please visit the Careers page.

Stage One

Candidates that have been selected will be invited to complete a pre-background questionnaire (PBQ) and attend a screening interview with the University of Toronto Campus Safety.

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Stage Two

Candidates that move to this stage will be invited to attend a board interview with Campus Safety and University community members.

We encourage you to prepare for this interview by reflecting on past life and work experience that you can draw from.

Stage Three

At this stage, candidates will be invited to attend a medical evaluation and undergo a psychological evaluation to determine their fitness for duty. 

The psychological evaluation is comprised of two-parts: a series of written questionnaires and an in-person interview with a psychologist.

The cost for these evaluations are covered entirely by the University of Toronto Campus Safety.

Candidates who do not pass the psychological evaluation must wait one year before reapplying.

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Stage Four

Candidates who have successfully made it to this stage will receive a conditional offer of employment as a Recruit Special Constable.

You must still successfully complete/pass all remaining components of the recruitment process.

Stage Five

​Recruit Special Constable Course

New recruits will be invited to attend the Recruit Special Constable course.


You will not be paid for your attendance but tuition for this course (including materials) is covered entirely by the University of Toronto Campus Safety.

Fitness Testing

During this stage, you will also undergo fitness testing per Ontario Police Fitness Award (OPFA) standards. You must obtain a score of 75% or higher to pass.

To view the current OPFA standards, click here (a new window will open).

​Background Investigation

You will be contacted by background investigators throughout this stage.

Be honest and forthcoming with your background investigator. If there have been any changes to the information you provided on the PBQ in Stage One, you must disclose it forthwith.

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Stage Six

​​Congratulations and welcome aboard!


If you are at this stage, it means you have successfully passed all stages of the recruitment process.


You will begin your employment with the University of Toronto Campus Safety as a 4th Class Special Constable.