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General Occurrence Reporting

The University of Toronto Campus Safety Special Constable Service currently accepts reports by phone, in-person and via the U of T Safety App. We do not accept reports over social media and in most cases, we are unable to act on anonymous reports - particularly in criminal matters where there must be a victim to proceed with charges.

Most criminal matters reported to our Service, with the exception of a few (including sexual assaults), will be investigated by Campus Safety Special Constables. Please note that, in some cases, the issue that you are reporting may not be a criminal matter. In such cases, officers will make all reasonable efforts to direct you to a more appropriate reporting contact.

If you report an occurrence, you can expect to see the following process take place:

  1. A Campus Safety Special Constable will interview you and collect the following information:

    • Your personal information (e.g. name, date of birth, address, uToronto ID number)

    • Your contact information (e.g. phone number, email address)

    • Your statement (if you are providing a written statement, you will be asked to sign it)

    • Any evidence you have pertaining to the occurrence

  2. If an occurrence report will be generated, the investigating Special Constable will provide you with an occurrence number - if one is available at the time of the interview.

  3. Occurrence reports that are generated are forwarded to our Community Resource Unit for further investigation. A copy of the occurrence report may also be submitted to the Toronto Police Service.

Following Up on a Report

Campus Safety Special Constables will not contact you after a report is made, unless further information is required by investigators or unless there is an update that we can share with you. Due to the call volume and caseload of investigators, it is not possible for us to provide an update on the disposition of every report that comes in.

If you need to follow up with the Campus Safety Special Constable Service regarding a report you had filed because you have new information that is relevant to the occurrence you reported, please contact Campus Safety Communications at 416-978-2323 and reference the occurrence number (if one was provided to you) when asking to speak with an officer.

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