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Public Transit Safety Tips

The following tips can help you use transit systems more safely.

  • Be intentional – plan your route before you go

    • Know your exits on the platform

    • Know where the platform emergency phone/waiting area is located at your stops

  • Be aware

    • Move as briskly as you can – look like you know where you are going

    • Use only one earbud so you can hear what is happening around you

    • Don’t be so engrossed in your book/phone that you miss movements around you

      • Look up every 5 minutes

  • Pay attention

    • Is there something happening on the platform/bus/train?

    • Is someone paying you undue attention?

      • Look out for others too – is someone else experiencing uncomfortable or harrasing behaviour?

        • Can you move closer or make it obvious that you are watching?

  • Check in with yourself – are you feeling uncomfortable/anxious?

    • Should you wait for the next bus or train?

    • Should you contact a friend/family member?

    • Do you need to move closer to the driver or conductor?

    • If you get off the bus/train, will you be in a populated station or area?

  • Every transit provider has safety measures and suggestions in place:

    • TTC

    • GO Transit

  • Use the emergency strips to stop the train and bring an Operator to a location of concern

  • TTC buses (but not streetcars) offer a Request Stop program. You need to give the Operator at least one stop’s notice and must get off using the front door:

The Request Stop program is available to all customers travelling alone by bus between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. Request Stop allows any customer feeling vulnerable to get off the bus between regular TTC stops.

  • Use the U of T Safety app’s “Friend Walk” feature so that a trusted person can “walk” with you and alert 911 to your location if something happens to you.

  • Not feeling comfortable with another passenger on the bus/streetcar?

  • Move to the door closest to the driver,

  • Wait for everyone else to get off before you at the next stop, if possible

    • If the person causing you concern follows you off the stop, get right back on the bus/streetcar


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