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CSA 23-002 - Scam Alert

Broadcast Time: 08:30

Date: Monday, April 10th, 2023

Type: Community Safety Alert (CSA)

The University of Toronto Campus Safety would like the community to be aware of

a type of scam that has been known to impact our community.

The scam takes advantage of a person's willingness to help a stranger in need. The

perpetrator will provide a story meant to evoke a sympathetic response (ex.

alleging to be a victim of an assault) and ask for assistance. The initial request

is generally small (ex. asking to be escorted somewhere) in order to get the person

to agree. Subsequently, they will ask for for money, often in the range of $20-50.

In several instances, the perpetrator pressures the person into going with them to

an ATM and taking money out.

If this type of incident has happened to you, please contact Campus Safety


While it can be difficult to differentiate between legitimate and fraudulent requests

from strangers, there are a few indicators of fraud to look out for:

• they decline non-cash forms of help you offer

• aspects of their story do not line up or seem far-fetched

• they try to keep you separated or dissuade you from involving others

Students, Staff and Faculty are reminded of the various safety programs offered on

campus including the TravelSafer program (416-978-SAFE (7233), U of T Safety App,

and the Community Safety Office (416-978-1485).

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