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CSA 22-004: Attempt Theft of Motor Vehicle

Broadcast Time: 09:30

Date: Thursday, April 28, 2022

Type: Community Safety Alert

Occurrence #: UT22016825 / TPS Occurrence #: 22-767653

The University of Toronto Campus Safety Service would like to make the U of T community aware of an incident that was reported to University Special Constables and Toronto Police.

On Sunday April 24, 2022, in the late evening, a University of Toronto student parked their vehicle near Robarts Library. At this time two suspects approached the victim, and attempted to steal their vehicle. The victim sustained a non-life threatening injury during the incident.

If you see any suspicious activity while on campus, please contact Special Constables immediately at 416-978-2222.

U of T Campus Safety would like to remind the community of the following personal safety support services and resources that are available to them.

Community Safety Office

The Community Safety Office offers short-term support and assistance to U of T community members who have experienced personal safety concerns. They can work with you to develop a personal safety plan to address your on-campus safety concerns and explore a variety of other support resources that may be appropriate in the community and on-campus.

Hours: Mon-Fri from 9AM to 5PM

Telephone: 416-978-1485


TravelSafer: This is a 24/7 service available to the U of T community and is available to and from all U of T buildings or abutting TTC stations. This service can be arranged by calling 416-978-SAFE (7233) or by using the U of T Safety App to arrange an escort.

Virtual TravelSafer and Mobile Bluelight: These features are available through the U of T Safety App and can be used to trigger a distress beacon, in the event of an emergency, to send your location to a Campus Safety dispatcher and summon help.

Campus Safety would also like to share these personal safety strategies to keep in mind when travelling around the city.

· Travel with a friend or in a group.

· Be alert and aware of your surroundings.

· Use well-lit, well-traveled routes.

· Avoid dark, deserted areas.

· Don’t show off valuables like iPhones & AirPods.

· Keep your ears alert. Do not use headphones after dark.

· While on campus contact 416-978-2222 or use an emergency phone if you need help.

If You Sense You Are In Trouble:

· Move away from the potential threat if possible.

· Join any group of people nearby; cross the street and increase your pace.

· If a threatening situation is imminent, and people are close by to help, yell, scream or make a commotion in any way you can to get their attention.

· Go to an open business and request help.

· Call 911 or Campus Safety if on campus.


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